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Posted by Keith Dipper on June 2, 2010 at 4:14 PM Comments comments (0)



The weather has now got a lot warmer and the flies are out in numbers, the Mayfly was very late this year the first hatch on the Itchen in Winchester was on the 19th of May.

But now the water is very clear and full of Mayfly sedge , I have fished most day’s and found the evenings better from about 7pm, apart from the 1st of April when we had a very damp drizzly day we had lots of fly on the water the fish were rising all over, I had about  7 fish in 2 hour’s all at about ¾ lbs,  so don’t miss out come and give it a go,Tight Lines.    




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Start of the season on the Itchen


April the 3rd a lovely spring day in Winchester.

Just had to get out on to the water,still a bit of a chill in the air, so decided to use a nymph a gold head hears ear .

Not a bad choice had a nice small brown trout on my 5th cast on need for the landing net, just bend down and pick it out.

Had no more luck in Water Lane so walked down stream to the Weirs, very hard going not much about, so decided to change my fly from a nymph to a fly spoon much better had 4 small trout in 2 hours, so all in all not to bad 5 trout in 4 hours.




20 Days to go

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The river Itchen is in very good condition at the moment, it has a good flow of water.

 I have had a good winter’s Grayling fishing with the nymph, my best Grayling was about two pounds.

but can’t wait for the dry fly season, I think this year there will be a good fly hatch, we normally have a good Mayfly hatch, last year’s hatch was not very good due to a coldsnap in mid May.

Tight line’s to you all and have a good season.  


Grayling Fishing

Posted by Keith Dipper on December 2, 2009 at 6:31 AM Comments comments (0)

2nd of November 2009

I had some time on my hand’s so I popped out  for a bit of Grayling fishing, the river was high and murky   and running fast, it was a gray cold overcast day, so I warped up warm and went out for a couple of hours.

I was using a pink gold head nymph and a sinking tippet leader of 3lb with a yellow bite indicator.

I had two small Trout in the first hour then I moved to a deep pool and had a nice Grayling of about two lb, lucky I had my camera.


Grayling Fishing

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Had a call from Liam about going Grayling fishing on the River Itchen in Winchester.

We aranged to meet at my house at 8am on the 18th of November, and hoping the weather would get better.

Our luck was in, I looked out of my bedroom window to find that the rain had stopped, but it was still a bit windy, and the  river had risen, but still a good day for fishing for grayling,  well every day is a good day for fishing, apart from my wife's birthday maybe.

Liam arived just after 8am we had a cup of tea then went out to the river and got set up, Liam was using a 6 weight 9ft rod with a floating line and a 3lb leader and a gold head nyph, it was not long before he had his first fish a small trout not a Grayling sorry,

We had a few more goes in Water Lane we were getting the bite's but Liam was a little slow on the strike, never mind it's all part of fishing along with catching the tree's and bushes.

We had a few more cast in Water lane then moved into the town stretch known as the Weirs it is a bit faster flowing and more of a challenge you must be able to roll cast as you have no room for the over head cast, We had more fish but not a Grayling, I was very surprised this is a good water for them, never mind thats fishing and Liam had a good day which is more importent to me.


Thank you Liam and all the best

Birthday Boy

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Happy Birthday Tony

 This was a very nice Birthday present from Tony's wife Zoe, A day out with me at John 'O' Gaunt trout fishery at King's Somborne.

  Zoe phoned me for a surprise birthday present for her husband Tony and a treat for her son Jason.

He had only done sea fishing in the past and always wanted to try fly fishing, Zoe asked if I could give them some lessons on a peaceful lake, I knew of the perfect lake, it is ideal for the beginner and the more advanced with a good stock of good Trout.

We started the day by showing them how to set up the rod's, of which I suppied, they were very surprised with the weight of them, as they were used to using sea rod's, once I had explained the setup and the fly's, we made our way to the small lake, the water is very clear with plenty of fish of about 3-4lb.

We started with the over head cast, they picked it up quite quickly but I must say Jason was a bit better than his dad Tony.

We had about 2 hours of coaching then started fishing, I set them up with a May fly nyph on the advice of a fellow fisherman  and on Jason's second cast he had one on but played it a bit too hard and off it went, oh well more fish in the lake.

It was a perfact day for fishing a bit over cast and warm but the fish were being a bit fussy we had plenty of follows but no takes changing the fly had no effected but we carryied on, one good thing was that their casting was getting better as Tony proved he had a very good cast with a good result a lovely trout that put a big smile on his face Well done Tony


Two Very Nice Trout

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I went out this morning and had two very nice Trout ,one of witch was my best from this Water for a long time 4lb, on a gray wulff very nice, the sacond was in the same swim and on the same fly, good fishing for only two hours. The second fish was 2lb 4oz still very good for this Water


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Spotted my first May fly today at about 13.30 on the River Itchen in Winchester.

Two Hours on the River

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HI All, got  up this morning, what a nice day, I went out and got my wife a paper, and made her a cup of tea, she was happy, so of I went,

I started just out side of my house in Water lane in Winchester, I had a 9 ft 5/6 rod with a  no5 floating line, and I put on a gold head Mayfly Nymph, and on about the 3rd cast I had a small trout in very good condition.

The water at the moment is a bit cloudy, I think it is because there is work going on up stream at the nature reserve, I continued fishing Water Lane with no more luck, when I got to the end of Water Lane I crossed the road and went into the town stretch of the river known as the Weirs.

Still keeping on the gold head nymph, this is a hard stretch of water to fish, no chance of a over head cast, it's all roll casting, due to the amount of people walking up and down the footpath along the river, I started fishing, just a small roll cast and letting it drift down and  then a slow retrieve, this when the fish bite, I had my second trout, again a small one but all good fun, then after about five minutes I had a lovely browney at 3lb 6oz,

Very nice, a very good fish from this water, and released safely.

I like to return all the fish from these waters as thay are not stocked, and are all wild brown trout, so if you do fish these watres PLEASE do the same.

I carryed on fishing and had two more small ones, then went home to watch the F1 race, well done Button keep it up.

My Client's Feedback

Posted by urbanwaysflycasting on April 24, 2009 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)


 Keith was very curteous and helpfull, Making the afternoon a pleasurable experience

 Thanks Kevin & Sam.


Good instuction to the basics, Clear instuctoin well put across.


Excellent tour of the river, very helpfull indeed, explaind everything very well.

Thanks Peter & John.


Very knowledable and helpful. at times I needed to do things myself, make mistakes, adjust and try again.

Thank you.


Very enjoyable. Relaxed and competenat and approach adapted by Keith. Easy to understand, not made to feel uncomfortable. Liked the very thorough and systematic approach to the subjest- good mix of technique, theory interwoven with personal anecdotes. Knows his craft well.



This is just a note to say how much my uncle and I enjoyed our days, fishing at Lower Mill. The surroundings were fantastic and the water lovely and clear. Keith was an excellent ghillie, getting the balance of advice and assistance and I would thoroughly recomment him to your other cleints.